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What's his fucking problem ?

Feels Thread

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Now with 100% more subject field
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Commissions & Buying Cosplay (Discussion)

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$680 for this shit? Includes the dress, "overskirt", and the jewelry accessories, not even the shoes or a wig.

Post your favorite commissioners, places to buy cosplay, etc. because while Etsy is a generally good source, gems like this pop up every once in a while.
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Ita thread

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Last thread is saged >>9847980
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Stupid Questions Thread

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Previous thread: >>9820172

This thread is for any minor, dumb, or otherwise irrelevant questions you might have that don't belong in another thread and don't deserve their own.
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Casual lolita thread

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What do you think of casual lolita?
Do you think it's okay to wear to (big) meets?
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Room Thread

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Last thread archived
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Bad Photoshop thread

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Let's get another one going. Leslie from The Evil Within anyone?
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