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What's the definitive cosplay for your favorite characters? When it comes to me I always have that one cosplay that I like above the rest when it comes to portraying an specific character. This is Croix from Little Witch Academia.
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Circle lense expiration.

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No circle lense general so here goes,

Is it really believable that circle lenses can last 1 year meanwhile other contacts lasts a month or 3 months tops? especially when used 3-4 times a week?

I've been wearing mine for 6 months now and have my eyes are a bit sore after wearing (though to be fair I had eyelid tape on and my hair was touching my eyes a bit and that caused irritation, first time it happened).

Should I start replacing these now? I mean, it's not like I took perfect care of them so maybe they really won't last the full year.
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Feels thread

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Previous thread >>9629318

Try to keep it /cgl/ related and not just about your family/relationship problems
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Naked Snake Mgs3 tiger stripe uniform

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/cgl/ i have a dilemma. I'm making a Naked Snake (as in MGS3) cosplay for halloween (also coinciding with mangacon in my town) and now all i need is the uniform. On the one hand, i could get a Tadpole tiger stripe advisor uniform which is a spot on repro of what he wore and would also allow me to do an apocalypse now impression. On the other hand, I have always wanted to get a taiwanese marine corp uniform in taiwanese tiger stripe (pic related) which would be period and theme correct but not as accurate as could be.
Both are almost the same price, but one is a repro and the other one is genuine. Should i go all out accurate or take this chance to get a semi-rare item that may do the trick to the untrained eye (you help me determine that)

What do

also in general tips for cosplaying naked snake are welcome


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What cosplay would fit her?

Bad Handmade - Period Edition

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Old thread is dead, post your cringe
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Natural hair thread!

My hair is a lot like fannyrosie's but I'm often the only person at meets who isn't wearing a wig and would love some natural hair inspiration for lolita!
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Post more photos fuckos: cosplayers, loot, staff ass etc.

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Jojo Thread: Taste of a Liar edition

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"where are they now?" thread

pic related, sniper_nyan is on r/femalefashionadvice as "shy-bae" and says she wants to start dressing professionally lmao
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