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Is this a good cosplay?
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Anon's first con experience

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>Be me, short nerd
>Go to a con for the first time
>Cosplay as Deku with a cosplay I bought online
>Gets approached by Monika cosplay
>8/10 QT3.14 taller than me
>Starts talking to me about BNHA, and video games
>Asks for my phone number
>Give it to her
>We go home at the end of the day
>We text that night
>Gives hints
>My dumb brain thinking she's being nice
>The next day
>We meet up again. She's still cosplaying as Monika, I'm still Deku.
>We walk around con together
>We get lunch together
>She places her arm around my shoulder
>"Anon, want to come back to my hotel room?"
>nod yes, cause I'm gonna get laid.
>We go to her hotel room.
>She wastes no time kissing me
>She goes to suitcase and takes out strap on
>MFW I'm about to get fucked
>MFW It starts feeling good.
>Enjoy rest of con together.

We're approaching our one year anniversary this December. Said that she's bringing the big guns for the anniversary.
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who wants a free fox tail butt plug?

I got a $10 amazon giftcard, all I needed was a zinc supplement. which was $5.37

I was looking for other things to do with the remainder of the balance so here I am giving away a buttplug on 4chan
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Help please~ Cosplay Theft

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Hi there I'm hopping for some assistance in finding out if someone really made this cosplay themselves because they've been taking credit for it and who the real creator is.

This person:

Has been claiming on various social media and discord they are making the Summoner Artifact 3 armor from Final Fantasy XIV.

I've done a bit of research based on these images:

The image on this post and the 5th image on the album has a bag in the background with the words "Wspólnie Chrońmy Nature" this is Polish for "Lets Protect Together Nature".

Image #2 in the album shows some light switches in the background. These don't look like switches from North America. Looking up "german light switch", "Lichtschalter", and "przełącznik światła" leads to images of similar light switches. This blog in particular specifically states these light switches are in Germany https://germanyfor1year.wordpress.com/2012/08/12/quirks-of-a-german-apartment/

Why are these two things important? Well they're located in Orono, ME according to their twitter location. I'm highly suspicious the creator is actually located in Europe.

Basically I was hopping someone here might know who this is really made by. Thanks for your help if you're able to assist and/or provide any information.
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Looks like the co-owner of MetroCon decided to "leave gracefully".
Holy shit!
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Actual talent in cosplay pt 2

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Post your favorite cosplayers who focus heavily on quality craftsmanship.

previous thread: >>9985870

Cosplayers mentioned in the previous thread:
Cowbutt Crunchies
Kinpatsu Cosplay
December Wynn
J. Hart (joshuahartdesigns on Instagram)
Kimidori Cosplay
Willow Creative
Garnet Runestar
Alyson Tabbitha
Isaisanisa (Instagram)
Steven Ricks Tailoring (Facebook)
Atelierlicorice (Instagram)
Littlesparkzlfg (Instagram)
Spoon_makes (Instagram)
Angela Clayton (angelacostumery on Instagram)
Layze Michelle
Marie-Claude Bourbonnais
Clive Lee
Nikitacosplay (Instagram)
Tsarista_cosplay (Instagram)
Wisperia Workshop
Yuuko.scarlet (Instagram)
Dessi_desu (Instagram)
Jedimanda (Instagram)
Avantgeek (Instagram)
SpaceinvaderK (Instagram)
Jackicraft (Instagram)
Enaylacosplay (Instagram)
Yukaccos (Instagram)
Downen_creative_studios (Instagram)
Skycosplays (Instagram)
Atelierheidi (Instagram)
Yaya Han
Limited4mind (Twitter)
lita0_0 (Instagram)
s_satoimo (Twitter)
classewig_p (Twitter)
Tomjya (Twitter)
Lennethxvii (Twitter)
C80thingamabobs (Instagram)
Adam Savage
evilTed (Youtube)
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Gyaru thread

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Previous thread: >>9873592
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Patreon thread

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https://graphtreon.com/ is a great tracking tool for getting data on all Patreons.

Patreon cosplay isn't all lewd! Check out cosplay tutorials, accessories, fanfilms and photoshoots, and support your favorite cosplayer. But yeah, mostly lewds. What are you gonna do?

I'm making $525 a month with 139 patrons Well below average for a Patreon, but nice supplementary income all the same.

What are your thoughts on Patreon? It involves a lot more networking, planning, and preparation than I thought to get anywhere.
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Price check thread

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Let's try to keep one going...
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Couples Cosplay Thread

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Post the best
Post the worst
Post the most creative
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