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Amazing Photographers

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Can we get a thread for amazing photographers? Post work by the masters of their craft that slave away every convention. The selfless photographers taking their time out to shoot awesome photos of us in our hard worked cosplays!
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Lifestyle for motivation purposes?

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I have alot of free time due to only having a part time job and I came up with a idea to motivate me during my free time so that I don't become sluggish and out of shape. Lolita is the only thing I really get excited for but outside of that hobby I'm a sluggish hermit. I made a schedule reminisent of an ideal victorian womens schedule( reading,sewing,etc) and by it being themed around lifestyle lolita, I'd be more likely to do the task and be more excited to past the time in between work days.

Starting my day at 10am, I plan to use the first hour to gain composer before leaving bed while playing light music.If I were to get into music i could use this opportunity to get into popular classic music songs.
11-12 workout for 15 mins,shower for 15 then makeup and reviewing days task for 30 minutes.
In all the task I have, I plan to cover atleast 3 a day to build up skills suitable to a lolita lifestyle:
Call a friend or family
Practicing an instrument(I should be good at atleast one)

More physical
Cooking, not just anything, something that requires more time and skill. I found a cheese making kit so that will be nice to try out
Hand washing clothes, I have alot of handwash only things that I'm just too lazy to separate out of the clothes bin so having a specific time out do them in a schedule that matches my aesthetic really helps. Mostly it helps kill time in a way I wouldn't mind.

Ideally the tasks of the day can actually benefit you. For me they would improve my morale and keep me more engaged in day to day matters. Please feel free to critique or add your take on this
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Armor Advice

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Greetings, all! Below is a passage from my source material. I was looking to get some opinions on what armor set that I should have made to best fit the description - or what is most practical.

- The character in question uses a (two-handed) longsword with no shield
- He does not wear a helmet
- The sword technique he uses is witcher-esque, meaning it resembles a dancer's movements.

The attached picture is the base set. Any suggestions?

Flynn tsked as he stepped back to admire his work. Alexandros stood in his regalia and newly apportioned cuirass, a silversteel breast and backplate that fitted over his upper torso, affording his vitals protection from a horizontal slash or stray arrow. It was a small, sensible piece of San’lorai craftsmanship that lay harmoniously between the realms of beauty and practicality—the antithesis of the bulky, ornate hauberks worn by the Talorean Honor Guards of old. The cuirass, affixed on the shoulders and twice on each side of his ribcage, bore tasteful, understated fluting to suggest the prestige of is wearer without relying on pretention.

Pokémon cosplay!

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Post the good, the bad, the cringe. Upcoming plans and wips are welcome too!

I'd love to see some Sun/Moon cosplay.
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Cosplay Catastrophes

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This thread is for all those who have had a catastrophic malfunction or accident in their costume. Trip over something? Important piece break in transport or at the con? Share your stories here.

>webm is of a Singaporean gumdanboi taking a fall
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/CGL/ Ideas template thread #

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Please, try to help at least 3 people, or everyone else will be discouraged to help you.

>Be nice with each other and constructive criticism only.
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MSPA Generally Ancient

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Previous Thread

> Cosplay Masterpost:
- Tutorials and links that can help with Homestuck cosplays. Refer to it if you need help. Any contributions welcome.

> Crunchy Cosplay List:
- A list of suggested Homestuck cosplayers to follow and check out, as they have great cosplays and some also have good tutorials on their blogs.

> To discuss:
- Old Homestuck cosplayers who've left fandom, Where Are They Now?
- Hiveswap Cosplays
- Summer Con Plans
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Cosplay Suggestion Thread

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Old thread dead/ in Archive

Thread rules
1. Use the template
2. Make four suggestions for other people if you want them for yourself

old thread >>9454183

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annual rave/con orgy thread or whatever

got any stories? what was your first time like? was it filled with musky nerds or was it filled with regular people? and how do you find a con orgy