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Worn Jewelry Thread

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ITT: Pictures of jewelry worn
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Fetish/sex toys in fashion

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I see a lot of fetish gear in j-fashion recently and I'm wondering, where are good places to shop for this sort of thing?
It's hard finding reputable places that sell cute things. Most are Chinese stores or shops re-selling Chinese bullshit

How do you feel about people using sex toys as a fashion accessory?
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/cgl/ comfy posting

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Ok, since lately things have been quite stressful on /cgl/, I think it would be nice to have a comfy thread.
Share comfy feelings,images,vids,caps,stories,... about anything /cgl/ related. Could be your first con, a particularly nice day you had in cosplay or lolita, little things you like about lolita/cosplay,...
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Love masks.

Cosplay Kuroshitsuji

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They're so kawaii <333
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Street snaps

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Share and discuss street snaps from this year and last year
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To all of you older people who've gone to ACEN throughout the years, tell me, whatever happened to Sailor Bubba? That guy was quite a meme in the anime community back in the day, and probably the first guy in the western anime fandom to brave it out with a hideous crossplay for the sake of laughs.

Not only that, he was apparently a pretty cool guy, and was beloved by the ACEN community, was meme'd into silly merchandise, actually became a staff member, and helped the con out by walking up the glass escalator at the con to keep people from wanting to take upskirt pics.

But since 2008, he seems to have mostly vanished, returning only once. What ever happened to this guy, and what is he doing now?

need help

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Trying to cosplay as Satania for anime expo. I really wanna know where I can find a jacket similar to the one in the image.

Old School Thread

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Last thread >>9406873

Recent obsessions? Recent purchases?
What was it that about old school that initially caught your attention? Did it take your eyes time to adjust so to speak?
How often do you go out in old school? Do you think about the philosophy much or is it something you just enjoy wearing?
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Coordiate your Doll

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ITT: Coordinate your Doll and rate others Dolls!
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