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Happy cgl thread for struggling gulls

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Post uplifting feels, funny pictures, favourite details, reasons to live etc.
It can be as simple as a bear-shaped grape.
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A-kon 2018

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Down to the two month mark. How are you guys doing on cosplays? Did your panels get accepted?
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what's your worst florida con experience? could be from mega, or super, doesn't matter. just has to be a florida con.
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Don't buy from these bitches

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Post people known for scalping (aka buying a cheap item only to resell it for a much higher price).
If names are not widely known (like the examples below), be ready to provide caps/proof of scalping.
Try to be more or less civil so the thread doesn't get nuked immediately.

Known offenders:
- Rainies
- Shiri (known for buying rare/expensive brand just to brag that she has it, then selling it later for jacked up prices)
- GemGem87 (as seen in pic, also makes sure to stretch the shit out of the clothes before putting them up for sale for a double price)
- mrk (act as a Taobao reseller, sells cheap shit with a crazy markup)
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What are some good bearmode cosplays for a 5'11 asian guy who benches 335 and squats 455?

Thinking Bolin from Legend of Korra
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New old school lolita thread

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“Plain heart shape bags simply didnt exist back then” edition
Old thread >>9796164
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Coscom = Dead?

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What happened to

Nobody even seems to post on the website forums anymore.
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