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FFXV Cosplay

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Let's see them!
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Larme Kei - Nostalgia Edition

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didn't realize the old thread would autosage so quickly >>9408212

Petite Dollies intro to Larme and style guide:

Partial Scans List:

Brands/Models List (WIP):

Video about Larme Magazine (annoying narrator alert):]

Facebook group: Don't Cry Baby
Amino: Larme Fashion
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Opinions needed - BtB revamp

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Hi. I'm the one who posted the first secret of this week about making a new version of BtB and I would like to have your opinions.

First of all, I'm not associated with BtB's admin and mods. I didn't contact them and I don't care what they're thinking about all this because imho, they're stuck in stone age with the LJ platform.

Why I'm doing it? Because I'm fucking tired of how shitty LJ is. I wanna enjoy secrets with a modern website, not a web 2.0 old mess.

1. Do you want the new website have the same name or a new one? Suggestions welcomed.
2. What do you expect with the website? New rules? New features?

Just to be clear, I'm doing a new platform to post secrets, not a lolita fashion portal or something.
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Cosplay pet peeves

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What are some things that you see in alot of cosplays that just piss you off

I'll start, cosplayers who have a good outfit but their makeup is shit or nonexistent. Seeing a good or amazing costume and then no effort put into makeup just makes me sad.
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So I kinda have been thinking about posting costume making progress and thought about doing either cosplay worklogs or lives on twitch but I don't really know which one is the best?
I would really appreciate all the opinions I can get!

Vietnam Con dump

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It's that time again. I hope some of you still are still interested.
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Mechanisms/Props Tutorial

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From robot hands, to crossplay tips and tricks. Dump all your tutorials and also ask if you have any doubts or know anything
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Dutch Thread: Prop-Anon takes the wheel temporarily

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Previously, in our slow thread about things, stuff, and items >>9420344

Prop-Anon filling in. OP got banned for doing a thread recap, so no recap this time around.

The five next major events:
>Elfia (April 29th - 30th, Haarzuilens UT), an outdoor fantasy orientated convention.
>Formula Cosplay (May 6th, Rotterdam ZH), a small and cheap one day event about cosplay.
>Animecon (June 9th - 11th, The Hague ZH), a con that really needs no introduction.
>Castlefest (August 3rd - 6th, Lisse ZH), the other outdoor fantasy orientated convention.
>Abunai! (August 25th - 27th, Veldholven NB), a con with annual hotel room hunger games.
Our full con calendar can be found at

Friendly reminders
>We have a newcomers guide at
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and just move on.
>Posting WIP pictures and/or progress about your current projects is encouraged.

Our /comfy/, /cgl/ and /vidya/ Discord:
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I don't see anybody talking about this kind of cosplay work? Any particular reason?
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