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Colossalcon East

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First year at the Pocono location, less than 2 months away. Who's going?

>Looking forward to it?
>What cosplays/coords are you bringing?
>How will you be spending your con?
>Any events/panels you plan to go to?

(Including the last question preemptively. Schedule should be out early-mid August.)

-The waterpark at this location is larger than the Ohio location, with 2 hot tub bars, but the convention center is smaller (until 2019).

-The room block sold out, but all rooms at the hotel are now available for a discount, so long as you mention Colossal East when you call to reserve.

-Unlike the Ohio location, the room keys for this location are wristbands that also serve as your waterpark entry, and you can use them at the hotel bars and restaurants to charge your credit/debit card without having to carry cards, ID, or rancid boob money around in your swimsuit.
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Lolita General

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Old Thread >>9627551
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Terrible Photoshop

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Previous thread. >>9594104

Post shitty or absurd edited works of Photoshop.
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NYCC thread

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New York Comic Con is in 3 weeks. Are you going to be cosplaying? What booths on the show floor are you looking forward to visiting?

How ready are all of you?
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Wig Help / Review

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I need help choosing between brands for a specific wig style
Should I go this Arda's Chibi wig or Epic Cosplay's Gaia wig as a base for a Momobami Cosplay?
I was thinking which ever one I get to stub the pony tail and use a weft to make the small braid to attach and both are suited for that. The bangs area in the front is slightly different on each (the chibi looks like it tends to flare out around the ear area) and if you have personal experience with both, I'd really appreciate your input.
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How's my cosplay? (I didn't photograph it, found the pictures on the photographer's DA.)

WTF Sales

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We haven't had one of these in awhile
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ITT: Convention security failures. Whether it's low level security at a free con, or a hired security team at a major for profit event, let's hear some failures.

At Dragon *Con almost a decade ago, I was with a close friend of mine when we saw a guy posing as a staff photographer so he could take pictures of girls in school girl outfits and only girls in school girl outfits. He wandered around the convention the entire time and continued to ask under-aged girls to come up to his room to do private photo shoots saying he ran a professional cosplay blog. He was handing out crappy business cards, and I took this guy's card and googled his blog to find a really shoddy blogster page with a lot of really young girls in revealing cosplays on it. That was an instant red flag, and when we brought it to the attention of the security, they didn't really do anything other than take this guy's fake badge saying he was staff. I later saw him at the hotel bar offering to buy these two teen girls in Eva suits alcohol. Piece of shit. I was so mad that the con decided not to do shit that I waited around in the parking lot for a while hoping to catch this guy, but never got the chance to confront him. Lowlife.
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