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Dream skirts

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Skirts are not getting enough love from lolitas these days. Brands are not releasing them much. Why do lolitas hate them? It's sad.

You may post
>Your dream skirt
>Your favorite skirt
>Your favorite skirt coord

But if you want to dump photos please go here >>9542439
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Finland Thread

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So what did you think about Desucon?
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Crunchyroll Expo/Magwest 2017

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Old thread died a while back so let's get this back up

Main hotels sold out, AA is filled out, New guests announced on both sides, lots of new stuff

>Are you going to just one or both conventions?
>What are you planning on doing?
>What are you cosplaying as?
>Expectations for these events?

Western Indie Brands thread

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Discuss Western Indie Brands, rank them all from the best to naming & shaming the worst! What have been your experience with Western Indie brands? Do you find they're a better alternative to Bodyline/Taobao? Which Indie brands would you say are comparable to Brand quality?

>WESTERN indie brands only please, as I feel they're distinct enough from Korean/Chinese Indie brands to warrant their own thread.
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No bad handmade thread? Bad hand made/regretsy thread
This turd with gumballs in it can be yours for ¥1,000
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What is EGL?
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Net-Idols/Cringe Dance Groups: Hoshi Teruko/Hibiki/Saya Akahoshi

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Hoshi Teruko changed her name again.. and shes starting another idol group??
It is going to take more than just a simple name change for her to improve on her singing and dancing. This is the third time she changed it too?

1st? - Hoshi Teruko
2nd - Hibiki Harukaze
3rd - Reed Kitsune
4th - Saya Akahoshi

Lolita general - fishnet edition

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Previous thread: >>9557625

Welcome: fishnets
Not welcome: UTKs
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Post more photos fuckos: cosplayers, loot, staff ass etc.

Prev thread >>9554717
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