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20 years and the Sailor Moon musicals still can't produce a decent Moon/Usagi wig.
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Gothic Inspiration Thread

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Post gothic coords. Bonus points for shiro!
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Worn Thread

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Hello, last thread disappeared. Requesting worn pics of this please! Yolanda's Bunny Herbology!
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Manly Monday: Stop being a basic bitch edition

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Masculine jfashion thread for all the gulls with dudelier tastes. Your gender does not matter, as long as you are interested in masculine Japanese street aesthetics.

I will dump some scans of Rock and Visual jfash from old KERA Boys to start. These aesthetics are based off of Japanese music scenes, and they have a lot of overlap, but Rock is usually more funky and Visual is usually more dramatic.

>Did you know?
Men's Closet Child exists. Regular Closet Child is still better if you are interested in Gothic and Lolita fashion, but for less flashy styles try this store.

>Protip for the actual dudes: Being male is not the same as being new to fashion and skincare and makeup.
Never use your gender as an excuse for ignorance or as a way to explain why you don't know something. Especially on /cgl/. Currently, it is popular for male street fashionistas in Japan to wear cute or pretty makeup and hair, and you can too! You do not need to mention being male in any /cgl/ thread you are asking for help in because women have the same problems, including total inexperience, tallness, wide shoulders, basically anything except dealing with beard shadow and testicles. So focus on the actual problem when you ask for help, because you will get better advice than if you just vaguely say you need help because you are a man.
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cosplays you are tired of seeing

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Attack on titan is the biggest one, Dragon Maid, and really shitty Boku no Hero cosplays.

Picture semi related. Was tired of Hestia.
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General Help Thread

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Bump Limit reached on old thread >>9458340

Last few questions from the last thread if anyone cares to answer them:
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I'm putting some trim (?) on a robe, very long strips, very tedious.

Is there an easier way to get the edges folded over like in pic? Right now I'm stuck playing with rulers and ironing it.

Echo Cosplay and R6S thread

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I'm trying to do an Echo Cosplay from Rainbow six is there any jackets that look like his? Also general R6S cosplay thread if you want :D
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I was sure this was going to happen some day.

How much of an impact do you think this will have on conventions ? In France for example there's a lot of restrictions about what you can cosplay due to the various terrorist attacks (some people get their props destroyed for being dangerous, even though they're sometimes things like umbrellas who shouldn't be mistaken for weapons, you can't cosplay anything looking like policemen or people from the military, etc)

Dressup Game General

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Dressup Game General

Old Thread Saged: >>9457004

>Links (can be NSFW) (requires registration)

>Other Games

Style Savvy 1,2,3 (DS/3DS)
Girl's Fashion Shoot (3DS)
Romantic Diary (Phone)
Love Nikki (Phone)

Would anyone be interested in a sheet of dressup games for easier access?
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