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Is it ok to cosplay as a character if you don't have the correct body type? I want to do Zarya but I'm chubby.
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Lolita Self Defense?

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What's the the best way to be able to defend yourself while dressed up? Especially if the outfit makes it difficult to kick an assailant in the crotch.
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Apparently, this girl decided to slander her best friend, who was admitted to the hospital. All shit aside if they got into an argument that's fine, but the fact that this Eris girl won't even address that her best friend was potentially in the hospital dying, and not giving a fuck, kind of makes me loose hope in humanity. Then she slanders her broken friend to multiple others, social media, and instagram, like..? What the fucks with the people.

Fursuit/Mascot General

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Post fursuit/mascot pics, questions, stories and anything else fursuit related.

Frequently asked questions:
>How much is a new suit?
Expect to pay at least 2k for a fullsuit commission, 3k+ for something padded, and higher for a realistic suit. Heads typically go for 400-1k, partials 900-1.5k.
>Where to buy second hand?
occasionally the 'fursuit' tag on furaffinity.
>Makers database+reviews
>What about Japanese suits?
list of makers and other relevant kemono suit info
>Fur supplies and diy?
Amazon, Joann's, etc
High density for heads, med/low for body/padding.
>How to clean?
Handwash, low heat, absolutely no dryer! (unless you have a no heat setting)

We have a discord, feel free to join.
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Party coords

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Larme to a festival, lolita at the club, hime gyaru on your birthday. Whatever you can think of show us your best jfashion party looks
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Facebook Cringe Thread

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Post cringey stuff you see on Facebook or other forms of social media.
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New old school lolita thread

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Old thread is long dead >>9822363

90s lolita is still lolita edition

Current trends in 2018, recent cops (any coveted dream dresses?), style by era discussion?
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How bad of an idea is it to drop out of college to pursue a career in designing and building cosplay gear?
I've been making props and things for a few years now, but a big barrier to me has been time and money. If i just worked a dead end job to earn enough money to aquire tools and material for 6 months, would i be able to at least pay rent by being commissioned?
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First day of supernova is about to happen and I feel the drama may hit the fan before cnz even starts going! Anyone’s thoughts?
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Seagulls! I know this topic comes up every so often re: Lolita, but let's bring it into cosplay as well.

>What is your profession?
>Did you start to cosplay before or after you chose your profession/entered the workforce?
>Do you separate your work from your cosplay?
>If yes, in what ways?
>If no, why not? Have you considered it?
>How strict are you about separating your day to day identity from your cosplay pursuits (friend groups, use of names/aliases, social media, etc.)?
>What is the general attitude to these questions in your area, profession, and general friend groups, in and out of cosplay?
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