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Finland thread

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Tracon is few weeks away, Animecon has fucked up at least with competition prizes, Puricon seem to drop out one of their guest of honour, what else is going on?
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Handmade General

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>OnS Vol 1, 2, 3, 5 6, 7 scans!9PxW1IAC!W3O1fHqCC35kMI9PDV5w21C_iPDIOZEXgGlPXcrtn-U
>GosuRori scans
What are your current planned projects? What are you working on? I'm planning mashing the raglan sleeves on this OP with no waist seam a -line JSK to get something a little MM Ekaterina inspired.
Old thread here >>9514297
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first time posting on this board but i assume this is the place to go for cosplay advice.
got my entire cosplay together but i need to get my hands on a replica mac 11 machine pistol.
only problem being i live in Scotland so i have no idea where to go for replica weaponry.
general price range is up to £130 but i`ll take pretty much whatever i can get

pic related is the gun

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this is a tripfag thread

rule: you cannot say a tripfag's name a third time, otherwise you risk summoning them onto this board

Cosplay Suggestion Thread

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Is this not a thing we do anymore? Come on guys, let's get one started again- Comic Con season is in full swing!

Rules: Suggest a cosplay to 5 people and post a pic of your own to get more suggestions. OP will be lurking to get this started.
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Build Me a Coord

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Let's play a game, gulls!

>Post a dress or other item you'd like someone to build a coord around
>List any styles or requirements you'd like to coord to fit
>Other anons can make polyvores/collages of how they would coord that dress
>Have fun, good luck
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Irish cons thread

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Let's talk about the Summer cons in Ireland
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Convention Attendance and the Future

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Thousands upon thousands of people go to cons now. Is it at a breaking point?

Focusing specifically on the west coast, it looks like building capacity is the only thing holding back convention growth. In AX's case, there's only about 5,600 parking spots for the 100,000 attendees at the LACC. Cons regularly spill out onto adjacent city blocks, creating massive traffic, and convention center expansions will take years to complete.

SDCC is already capping attendance, and AX is due to suffer that same fate soon. But they won't reduce the attendance to make the convention manageable, they'll squeeze every last person they legally can until it's full.

Just like theme parks reaching full capacity, a "front of the line" pass will be the only way to be able to reasonably experience a con soon.

Every con will eventually become a linecon.

It is inevitable.
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Handing out gifts to the public

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Have you guys ever handing out gifts to people you interact with? Or made them do some little task (like dance, or answer trivia) and the gift is the reward?
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Otakon 17

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So here I am sitting at work with my coffee, about two clicks away from D.C. thinking whether I should stop by and "visit" this evening. I don't even have a badge, and don't care to buy one. I've outright snuck into the formal ball before, the only event worth going too, closest to the reason why most people go in the first place: to grab a girl to back to their hotel room and get laid.

What used to be a fun convention among all my friends has now devolved into an empty circle-jerk of obsessed hobbyists, hot celebrity cos-players who nothing but photoshoot, and poor friendless autists whose highlight of their year is to spend a few expensive days watching anime in a panel with strangers they don't even know.

You go to the "Voice Actors After Dark Panel" maybe, to relive the childhood thrill of "staying up" with pillows and blankets - only to be affronted with the sight of aging PC feminists droning on and on about what annoys them, sitting next to what appears to be a 40 something otaku, laying on his stanky breath in your direction at 3:00 in the morning.

You step outside and look up at the late summer night sky and wonder, "what is my life?"

Then on Sunday, like the world doesn't even care, they pack up their, equipment, and money, and leave, turning the Walter E. Convention Center back into dreary center of business that it really is, as you return to your job next Monday morning.

But hey, there are some hot cos-players there right? Well you can't even sneak past the front door anymore. So yeah.

*sips covfefe* Have fun.
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