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Etsy General

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Who here has an Etsy shop? What do you make? Do you offer items for cosplay or lolita? How are your profits coming along? How do you advertise your product?
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Even More Bad Cosplay

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Previous thread >>9743076

Gotta keep this going.
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Who here has been cosplaying since when they were little?
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Social Media and Cosplay

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Have you guys noticed a drop in your reach lately?
How are you managing it?
How do you think cosplayers need to evolve to stay relevant?
What's your social media platform of choice?
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Happy Day of Love

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time for synchronized partner coords.

how do you coord with someone so you look your best together? do you twin, or use similar colors, or fully contrast each other? how do you like to dress up with your special one?
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Dead cons!

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Ever been to a con that was forced to close, either after its first couple years or being put out of its misery? What are your good or bad memories of these doomed cons?

I've been to Shumatsucon, a tiny, ~800-person con in Columbus, for two years. Programming was always garbage, and the dealer's room was six booths across, but it had a surprisingly good game room, with a huge variety of new deck building games. Unfortunately, it sat between Ohayocon and Matsuricon in the same city, and three other same-size cons within 50 miles in a three-month period. It lasted for three years before they pulled the plug this year.
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Lolita Horror Stories

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Post 'horror' stories of your bad experiences at cons, meet ups, the reactions of the public, your friends first finding of lolita ect. Even the stories you've heard from friends count

I'll start
>Be me
>Be 15
>After about 2 years of being interested in lolita, I find out that there's a local comm
>OwO whats this
>There's a meet up happening soon
>Within the group, pretty much everyone is 30-40 years old, there's a sissy, one tard, and everyone is either ita, or mediocre at best, about 2 good coords
>One of them is in clown ouji
>I later realise some of these people being posted on the ita thread, or being made fun of on Cof
>Meet up commences
>We're in a cathedral
>We have a fashion show thing in the corridors, with these women spouting dead memes or just being immature and loud
>The sissy and one of the itas keep lifting up their skirts and squatting
>Cannot comment on the sissy, some of them are sjws
>There are children nearby
>Go to have meal with everyone
>It's okay, we read Gothic Lolita Bibles and draw
>Leave as a group
>Group of chavs come by
>They start harassing us, calling us names, making gang signs (?), the usual, but just more aggressively
>Tard starts crying
>God why
>More attention is brought to us, we're in a popular part the city
>We get out of there
>There are more activities planned, but I explain that I must catch my bus home
>Tfw I just wanted to go a meet up and make j-fash friends

I have never been to a meet up since
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Nail Inspiration Thread

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post some of your favorite nail photos.
What type of nails do you have?
How much are prices in your area for what you get done?
Do you have a favorite nail shape?
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Local Lolita Community Thread

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Previous thread: >>9734352

We're a couple weeks into the new year now. Are your comms coming up with any interesting meet ideas?
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I know this isn't really cosplay, but I couldn't think of where else to post this. As you can see in my pic the point in the exclamation point is starting to peel off. I really like this shirt and would like to fix this. What's the best way to repair something like this? Would I have to use an iron or something like that?