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Wig General

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Post about wigs.
Ask questions about wigs.
Submit review of wigs.
Post picture of wigs.
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Exactly 2 months out gulls!

>what does your cosplay lineup look like?
>how behind on that lineup are you?
>did you manage to score a room through the jacked housing lottery system?
>will LineCon return?
>/cgl/ meet up?
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Lolita lifestyle / subculture

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What are you up to these days? What creepy thing did you see/hear/read that would make gothic lolitas happy? What do ladies drink when they go to a bar? What films did you watch or what books did you read that inspired you as a lolita? What's your favourite old picture? What's your favourite classical story? How are you making daily life more beautiful?
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Tips pls.

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Okay so I wanna cosplay Spider-Man from the upcoming Homecoming movie. Ive looked at places like zentai zone and just trying to find a good costume to get for cheap. Like under or around $200. Any help would be appreciated

inuyasha cosplay

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>tfw caught scabies and fleas from an InuYasha cosplayer
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Jojo thread

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Last one hit image limit
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2B or not 2B

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Discuss: when "official" cosplayers don't produce quality work.
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UK/Britfag Thread :: JoJo Edition

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You know the rules, old thread expired.

How's May MCM looking? I can already sense the dra- I mean, a wonderful weekend.
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Friendly Neighborhood ToraCon Thread

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Now taking bets on whether Santa-chan is gonna get screwed by the judges again edition.

What's everyone looking forward to this weekend?
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