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ITT: Guests you're sick of seeing at cons.

Pic related, seeing Vic on the guest list of any con will usually bring down my opinion of said con at least a little bit. There's so many con horror stories about him out there. Edward Elric or not, why do so many cons continue to book him despite this.
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Dutch Thread: "Don't forget to do your taxes!" Edition

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Previous thread >>9809661
>I finally did another survey. Results can be found here:
>Le epic bait EKSDEE
>Anon can't wait for the 2018 anime convention season to begin
>Complaining by vagueposting; whatever happened to Dutch directness?
>We're all toxic salty bitches now
>Viencon failed to reach their booking quotum and is now looking to share the park with regular visitors. More details on if this can/will happen should follow next week.
>Also lots of Viencon talk, bashing, defending and such in general.
>SwedenAnon wants to visit a Dutch con and asked for advice
>Is it okay to cosplay something from a show you never watched?
>Social security talk is totally /cgl/ related
>Starting a petition to force a job interview
>Graphic design is my passion
>WIP shots

The five next major events:
>The Party (March 30th - April 1st, Eindhoven NB), a huge LAN party for nurts B-)
>Heroes Dutch Comic Con (March 31st - April 1st, Utrecht UT), the con that has Murdock!
>TomoCon (April 7th - 8th, Berghem NB), the con targeted newcomers and youngsters.
>Elfia (April 21st - 22nd, Haarzuilens UT), The Elf Fantasy Fair for all your fantasy needs. Futuristic LARP's not allowed.
>Japanmarkt (may 20th, Leiden ZH), a small public market with all kinds of Japanese stuff.
Full list:

Links and advice:
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ often only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and move on.
>The fact that nobody noticed how I gave advice on how to deal with giant enemy crabs shows nobody reads this.
>Our site with a store list, newcomers guide and more:
>Our Discord for social Gulls:
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I want to do David Hogg cosplay

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Tips like: clothes, mannerisms, style.
I am not joking.
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Obscure or Indie Japanese Brand Appreciation Thread

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Give me your Serephims, Physical Drops, ChocoMints and various indie JP brands, gulls. I need to update my obscure brand list.
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When is somebody officially 'too old' to cosplay teenage characters? What features do you think people might have or not have (or play up/play down) to pleasingly depict a young characters when the cosplayer are in their late twenties or beyond?

Meanwhile, in cases where the person's makeup and cosplay are good other than noticeably being older than the chara, does it personally bother you?
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Whatever happened with this show? Was it any good? Is it coming back? I remember Heroes of Cosplay getting a lot of flak, but heard nothing about this one
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Does anyone know where I can get something in sarokichi's style?

Also mask general I guess

Rocolita and Macarouji: Darker, edgier edition

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old thread: >>9796351

i did a dump of classic- and sweetish coords in the previous thread. to help begin this thread, i will dump some darker classic and gothic coords with 18th century-inspired elements.
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hotel room thread

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thread for people looking to join rooms and for people hosting rooms. also post storys

question though, what should I look out for as a guy who's looking to offer at least 3 people to room with me for a con? what should I steer clear of?