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ISO real life joker cosplayer

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Can anyone tell me this guys name? Met him at megacon Orlando a few years ago. He has actual Chelsea grin scars. I'm the Harley here.

Japan Shopping Services thread

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Let's talk about the the best shopping services for buying from Japanese sites - who is a good SS for buying from fril and mercari and other auction sites? Any good/bad experiences with shopping services? Who has the best fee rates? Discuss who your go to SS is in this thread gulls.
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Mori Kei & Natural Kei : its Finally Fall edition

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I haven't seen a thread up in a while, so I thought I'd start one.

Now that the summer heat is finally gone, what coords are you going to get to go outside with?
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The Wild MEME Hunt

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Got any CGL image humor to share?
Classics / you require us all to remember memes are welcome to, but try to give us some freshness!
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what are some easy cosplay ideas for /fit/ guys?

Why wear lolita instead of vintage?

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Vintage is classier, cheaper, can be worn daily, and shares the same silhouette. A lot of lolita pieces are basically vintage clothes just with more cheap ribbon and lace slapped on.
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A trend that always bothers me: Cringy basic white girl cosplayers who get by on their "looks" and taking off their clothes. Discuss.
Pic related
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Elise Lauren banned

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Does anyone know what happened to get Elise Lauren banned? Her main and her new accounts are banned, what did she do to deserve such a harsh banhammer?

Creating a cosplay of Queen Eclipsa

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Hey, /cgl/, I want to make a cosplay of Queen Eclipsa - and I'm almost done with figuring out all the stuff I'll need - but I'm clueless when it comes to finding her hat.

What kind of hat is it? What would it be called?
Also, what, exactly, is the neck accessory she's wearing?

Thanks in advance.
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Shapewear Thread

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Alright gulls, even the fittest of us can benefit from some lifting and cinching. Spill your faves. Corsets, bodysuits, control tops, butt pads, spanx, whatever you got
>pic somewhat related?
Although apparently there’s a lawsuit of fatties upset that these waist cinchers aren’t making them look like celebrities who can afford to spend a small fortune on plastic surgery.
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