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I'm looking for pink sunglasses like these and haven't had any luck.

Craft thread

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What are you currently working on?

If you need help with your cosplay go to the help thread.
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Explain NA LARPs to me.

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Why are NA LARPs so crazy about safety? What's the point of fighting if it doesn't involve any actual danger, pain or skill? What's the fun in shouting out numbers while swinging a foam sword? Is NA LARPing just glorified cosplay?
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Help /cgl/ Member, Jkid get out of debt!

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I know it's a longshot, but Jkid (who is a longtime member of /cgl/) is in some financial trouble. He had to support his two parents from his former job. Now unemployed, Jkid needs your help. By donating to his cause, Jkid can bridge his financial troubles and pay off debt while he looks for a job.


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They shut down polyvore without a warning for some shitty online shop.

Rip all the nice coord collages. Post some if you have them saved.
When do you think Livejournal will shut down?
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Cosplay Help Thread

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Con season is creeping up edition

Old thread here: >>9800945
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Plastic Surgery General

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Do any of you get plastic surgery?
What hobby are you in- lolita or cosplay?
What have you had done, and how much have you paid out to improve your look?
Do you think plastic surgery is ok, or a definite no.
Post before and after photos of any lolitas or cosplayers.
I dont see this talked about a lot, but I thought it'd be interesting to discuss.
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Lolita and Disney

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Can we discuss Disney and their strange relationship with lolita? Mainly that they can cater to the Dapper crowd but insist on keeping the licensing hammer down when it comes to Lolita.
Also to keep it not totally on dresses, has anyone visited Disney in lolita recently? Do they still chase you down or have they been more relaxed?
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Reminder that if you're under 6'0 and over 120lbs you're a fat midget.
Who /tallgirl/ here?

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Captain marvel cosplay thread.
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