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Idol Thread

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The last one got bumped into the void so here's another!

Post whatever idols you want. IM@S, Love Live, WUG, etc.

Requesting IM@S 765 groups that aren't Sparklepipsi because I want inspiration to start working on my Makoto.
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Feels thread

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Old thread is kill. >>9478447

Let's share our cgl-related feels.
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Kollision Con - Yet another con killed by ACEN. (they cancelled it).

Has anyone noticed how ridiculous ACEN gets towards other cons when they start to get big? I've noticed the way they shut out Anime Midwest and any other local con whenever they consider them competition.

Kollision Con could have been alright, but it was pretty shit - but that's just cause they never had any money to do anything good. But this is just another example of how shitty ACEN is towards other cons.

I saw the con row in their hall - it's all cons that aren't a threat. Like Anime Nebraska. LOL who is going to Anime Nebraska from ACEN.
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/cgl/ communities

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where else do you hang out that's specifically geared towards your weeby interests?

Anime Festival Orlando

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AFO is in a month. What are you plans, cosplays, and meet ups?
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Shoe General

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Can we have a shoe thread? I'll start with a small dump and some questions:

What style of jfash/lolita do you wear?
What is your favorite brand or place to get shoes?
What are your most favorite/most owned colors? What colors do you wish you could find more of?
What shoes are you searching for or wish you could own?

Pic related is Vivienne Westwood's rocking horse shoe.
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Retirement Age

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When do you think it is time for a cosplayer to hang up their costumes, if at all? More specifically, young cosplayers in their twenties for example, who might have a fan following on Facebook/DeviantArt etc. At what point do they just become too old for it?

Do you plan to stop cosplaying when you reach a certain age?
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why do generic nerds always like the same stuff? for instance zelda, doctor who, harry pottter, marvel etc?
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German General

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Dokomi comes up on 3rd-4th June. Are you attending? Are you cosplaying?
Maybe we can meet and have a fun time.
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Ouji thread

For the guys lurking from /pol/ and /fit/ trying to find themselves a qt lolita waifu. How do you guys feel about this style? Would you wear it in public?

>tfw no group of autistic alpha males to dress up with
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