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Secret Santa Thread: January Edition

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>Rules and guidelines:

>Grinch Check:

>Deadline to fill out the grinch form is January 19 since it didn't work for some people
>Keep posting gifts, there are tons of you out there who didn't post yet (including me, sorry santas, I will!)
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Tall Lolita General

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Comment all your helpful tips and tricks for being long and lengthy in the fashion.
Since some of the problems we have overlap with plus-size lolitas, you guys are welcome here too since we all have to ADAPT.
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wonder woman thread

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post what you consider your best wonder woman cosplay, profesional or not

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What is the cancer that is slowly killing cosplay as it used to be? What annoys you most in recent developments?

Is it “sexy” cosplays?
Patreon? Instagram?
Bought costumes or certain series?
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>be me
>want to cosplay as Big Boss
>not tall enough
>no chad jaw
>not muscular at all
>no cool beard
>no brown hair

Why even try bros? I can't even get into entry-level cosplay without being cringy as fuck because I was born ugly as shit. I came straight from r9k/ and can say there's no hope for any of us to cosplay and not end up on the cringe compilation on one of your threads.

Why even live bros?

Obscure Cosplay Game

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Post obscure cosplays, see if anyone can guess where they're from. Pic related
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Nostalgia Thread

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Do you ever wish you could go back to the early/mid 2000s and go to small conventions without smartphones? When everyone at cons was talking about Utena and many people hadn't heard the terms manga and anime (despite being aware of DBZ and Pokemon)? When you had to share shitty clips of the con directly between each other on forums instead of youtube and IG?
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I'm honestly curious, never done this myself but have any of you worn cosplay to a concert? Any stories?

Iconic lolita photos

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The most recognized, the photo that make you fall in love with lolita, etc, post them all
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Once again, here we are.
How did you feel about this con?
I myself enjoyed it though can't deny that there was like too much tongo.
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