Net-idol/Odottemita/Cover Groups: Instagram Spam Edition

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Last Thread: >>9586791
Previously: Sunrise "custom" costumes?
2/5 members quitting Minty Pop
Sugar Stars spamming everyone with likes to get follows

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet

btw is spreadsheet-anon still around?
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CoF Thread: Solar Eclipse Edition

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Last thread is autosaging >>9592886
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As Kita is kill, what cons are you planning to attend over the next year, and what are you cosplaying as?

If anybody has a brit cgl discord pls share.

No orgyposting allowed.

Dream Masquerade Carnival Thread

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Not long now gulls!

>Who's still worried about what to wear?
>Who do you think the extra special guest will be?
>Who's ready to get completely wrecked at the after party?
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Overwatch Cosplay Thread

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What, no Overwatch in the catalog? Time to start a new thread.
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New taobao thread

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Lolita General - traps edition

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Previous thread >>9598775
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WTF Sales

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We haven't had one of these in awhile
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Feels thread

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Last thread. >>9596903

Time to share some cgl feels. Stay on-topic and don't fight!
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Britthread/ukthread/kita cluster fug
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