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Feels thread

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Last thread. >>9440641

Having some cosplay or lolita-related feels? Discuss.

Artist Alley General: Summer Cons are Coming

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Didn't see a league thread in the catalog. Post your good, bad, and whatever is in between.

Also -- taking bets to see which trainwreck drags her mouth-breathing bf into cosplaying Rakan while she does a horribly rushed rendition of qt Xayah
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Texas General

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Last thread expired, here's a new one.
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ヴィジュアル系 thread

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Visual kei: panthers and zebra edition

Last thread reached image limit and died.
I was able to find a lot of good stuff last time so I hope the recs keep coming.

Pic is Da'vid shito:aL
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CoF Thread

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Previous thread >>9437243
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April Australia Thread

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So let's talk about OzCC. What did you think of the Cosplay Active and Championships of Cosplay entries from Adelaide this weekend?
Let's talk about the shitfest that was the championships
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Cringe thread

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As it says on the tin.
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Lolita friends and popularity

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I wish I was friends with popular Lolitas. I noticed that all of them are friends with each other and I want to know how.

Does anyone else want to be friends with popular Lolitas? Or want to be popular? How do we achieve either one or both?

I've spoken to some of my Lolita idols and they have been very friendly. But I did not know how to continue the conversation outside of telling them that I like their outfit without sounding creepy.

I want to have well dressed Lolita friends and have fun with them!
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Lolita Community Thread - Easter Edition

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Let's talk about our Comms. Old thread is almost ded. >>9399412
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