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Anime Expo 2017 will take place from June 30 (Friday) through July 4 (Tuesday)

Current major events:

Anisong World Matsuri Day 0 (idols): Walkure, WUG, Idolm@ster, Love Live Aquors
Anisong World Matsuri Day 1 (general JPop): ALI PROJECT, angela, Garnidelia, Konomi Suzuki, Mashiro Ayano, Minori Chihara
Neon District (EDM) Day 3: Taku Takahashi, R3LL, banvox, TeddyLoid, Pa’s Lam System, Massive New Krew, YUC'E
AMV contest Day 1
Masquerade Day 2

Satellite events:

Asian Kung Fu Generation July 2 at the Teragram (SOLD OUT)
Asian Kung Fu Generation July 3 at The Novo (SOLD OUT)
Bushiroad Grand Festival in Long Beach on July 1-2. Guests include Poppin Party from bandori, Milky Holmes (which means Mimorin and Soramaru - Umi and Nico from Love Live), and some other people like Neo Japan Pro Wrestling

Recent announcements:

Bunch of Yuri on Ice people be coming
Atlus hired a food truck to do a P5 menu
Souhei Niikawa from NISA

probably missing a bunch idk
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Lolita general - Midnight Feast edition

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Previous thread >>9531669
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Lolita just clothes?

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Is lolita just clothing to you?
If it is, (why) do you call yourself a lolita?
What makes lolita clothing more special to you than just a pair of rare/expensive jeans?
Have you ever read up on the subculture, history or influences of lolita or did you never care?
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COF: Summer is Here! Edition

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Old Thread>>>
The Itas come out to play for summer...
"lolita is a feeling. Childish and playful, romantic and gothic, not only puff skirt with a maching bow. For me, lolita is a feeling and a statement."
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UK / Britfag Thread - We're winning on FOUR CHAN edition.

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So MCM was a shambles.
Anybody going to any good local cons?

Try to keep AL Drama to a minimum, Just because MT/Mewski/AL staff are lurking /cgl/ doesn't mean you should engage them.
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Otome Kei Thread - The Return Edition

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aka "No one cares about your normie Japanese friend mistaking otome for lolita" edition.

What is otome-kei?
>Japanese for 'maiden'
>Focuses on a feminine and quirky look
>No set rules
>Outfits often use colour popping, interesting print combinations, and contrasting materials
>Generally has a kitsch or twee vibe
>Sometimes overlaps with casual lolita but is still a separate style

Main otome brands:
>Emily Temple Cute/Shirley Temple Cute
>Jane Marple
>Leur Getter

Other Suitable Brands*:

>Ank Rogue
>Axes Femme
>Candy Stripper
>Franche Lippee
>Lois Crayon
>Lolita brands (accessories, legwear, bags, mini skirts, cardigans/boleros)
>Melantrick Hemlighet
>Merlot Camp
>Wonder Rocket

Suitable Non-Japanese Brands*:
>Alannah Hill
>Cath Kidston
>Hello Bones Jones (Indie)
>Miss Patina
>Mulberry Chronicles (Indie)
>Peppermint Fox (Indie)

Non-japanese Socks/Shoes*:
>Sock Dreams, Teja Jamilla
>Melissa Shoes, Bait Footwear, Dkode Shoes, Neosen, Fleuvog

*NB: these brands are not all specifically otome, but sometimes produce suitable items
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Artist Alley General: Good luck at AX! Edition

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Seagull School for Newbs

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Are you new? Do you have basic Questions? Ask them here, please. This is a "containment thread"; which is to say we try to limit the total threads going at once, because there is a small limit to how many threads can exist on a 4chan board. Everytime a new thread is created, it kills a thread; so creating a new thread for each question you have kills entire discussions. Ask questions about any category covered by /cgl/ - that means cosplay and J-fashion. Lolita falls under J-fashion, it's just the most prominent.

Quick Primer:
>What is a "gull" ?
when you say "C. G. L." outloud, it sounds like "seagull". It's almost an onomatopoeia.
>What is an "ita" ?
Ita is a Japanese onomatopoeia for "ow", or "painful to look at". In Japan an "itasha" is a car covered in anime vocoloid or waifu swag decals. An "ita bag" in a tote bag, or other bag with a protective vinyl cover, drowning in anime merch. An "ita" is a Lolita who's coordinate is "painful to look at"

Common examples of newb questions that have been asked TOO MUCH to warrant their own thread, but people would love to help you with here;
>Am I too old for (blank)?
>Are there people who should not do (blank)?
> I am (blank). How can I do (blank) well, as a (blank)?
>Where can I find (blank)?
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why do generic nerds always like the same stuff? for instance zelda, doctor who, harry pottter, marvel etc?
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Feels thread

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Last one's full. >>9530752

Comm being bitchy? Parents give your burando to Goodwill? Share those cgl feels!
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