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Cringe thread: I’m sorry Edition

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Didn’t see one in the catalogue.

I’m sorry that this special gender snowflake is shifting her “artisan” ass to your fashion. My condolences.
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Jfash appreciation thread

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What made you interested in jfash when you first saw and why you still love it now.
The reason why i love lolita is because I wanted to wear fancy frilly cute dresses like the girls in the animes i was watching (CardCaptor Sakura,Chobits,Rozen Maiden,Moonphase,...) and when I discovered it was an actual fashion I became obsessed. I still love it to bits a decade later.
I still love it partially for that reason (and fulfilling one of my 12yo self biggest dream) and because it's so fun. I'm a happy weeb. Also it helped me gain confidence and get less shy as well as not caring so much about what people might think (while self awareness is good, i was horribly nervous about being "weird" back then and tried super hard to fit in but now i think it's ok to be myself, and it's also ok if not everybody likes me).
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New lolita comm thread

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Old one is saging >>9671649
Discussion time, tomorrow is ILD. Nows your chance to plan a last minute coordinate and spend time with girls you may or may not actually enjoy the company of.
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SPAIN THREAD: Post-Barcelona Edition

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Cosplay, lolita, anything goes.

Upcoming cons:
>Japan Weekend Valencia (25-26 Nov)
>Mangafest (1-2-3 Dec)
>Japan Weekend Madrid (10-11 Feb)
>whichever shitty local con in your area

Please don't talk about politics and shit here.
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Katsucon 2018 Pt. 1

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Cosplayers are announcing their line-ups and photographers are posting their bookings. What should we expect and what drama did we learn from last year?
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Old School Thread: Screen prints edition

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Post inspo, recently purchases, and anything old school related.
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Ita Thread

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Previous Thread: >>9708447
Your religion is no excuse to wear the fashion like shit.
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New Instagram Thread

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Old thread is autosaging

This thread is for instagrams related to
>related crafts
>anything on-topic for cgl

Share favourites, ways to deal with the algorithm, useful hashtags, or anything else you feel.
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/cgl/ Secret Santa Thread

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Thread 1 >>9632470
Thread 2 >>9667756
Thread 3 >>9682416

>Deadline to send gifts (for both international AND domestic): December 20

Basic rules:

>Send out your gifts by the deadline and give the organizers proof. If you do not send proof to the organizers by the deadline (or let us know what’s going on), you will be blacklisted.

>Post in the thread when you get your gifts. If you're salty (undeservedly salty, if your santa sent you something nice but you're picky), we reserve the right to blacklist you. If you do not post, you will not be whitelisted.


I think I’ll send a reminder email to everyone that is still pending to send me proof on the 13th, that way they get a week’s warning. A lot of you have, though, so I appreciate that!
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When You Were Most Afraid Whilst Wearing Lolita/Cosplaying

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Saw this in the archive and thought I'd make a new one

Post your stories anons!

Mines pretty lackluster but:
>Be me, 15
>Wear lolita for the first time in the city/public
>Terrified about seeing any kids from my school or family there
>Bus is fine
>Run into an entire herd of my classmates
>They notice me
>They start talking shit, and take pics

>Goes to school
>Gets the other loving fuck teased out of me

It wasn't as bad as I thought though honestly, the kids there were pretty tame compared to America
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