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Can we get a god awful thread
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CSUF Titancon

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Anyone go to Titan con? It felt so bland and boring compared to last year.
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New god-awful thread. Weebs, cosplays, lolitas, congoers, no drama, just pictures and laughter.

Old thread image-maxed here
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Usagi Tsukimiya

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Don't mind me, just posting pictures of my waifu.

She doesn't cosplay anymore because of creepers and people on facebook/twitter pretending to be her, but I still love her.
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Taiyou con 2017

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Happy new year everyone, who's going this weekend?
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Lolita General - Make Sweet Lolita Great Again edition

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Previous: >>10392250
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Period Problems

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Have you ever been so excited for a meetup or con only to wake up and discover it's that time of the month?
Have you ever started while at a con or meetup?
Do you still go dressed up and risk it, or do you just not bother?
Any horror stories? Any solutions?
Haven't seen a thread like this so why not
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Anime NYC

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Anime NYC will be here before we know it! What is everyone planing? Cosplay as who? Who should we avoid? Any specific guests?
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Stupid questions thread

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Previous thread: >>10236859

Starting the thread with legit stupid question: are there people who actually like blue/special set blue colorways in CDC or those are rather an options for navy one?
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Would you ever consider cosplaying as a doll after seeing how popular her "character" has become, and do you think this is going to become a new trend like AI youtubers
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