Colossalcon East

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First year at the Pocono location, less than 2 months away. Who's going?

>Looking forward to it?
>What cosplays/coords are you bringing?
>How will you be spending your con?
>Any events/panels you plan to go to?

(Including the last question preemptively. Schedule should be out early-mid August.)

-The waterpark at this location is larger than the Ohio location, with 2 hot tub bars, but the convention center is smaller (until 2019).

-The room block sold out, but all rooms at the hotel are now available for a discount, so long as you mention Colossal East when you call to reserve.

-Unlike the Ohio location, the room keys for this location are wristbands that also serve as your waterpark entry, and you can use them at the hotel bars and restaurants to charge your credit/debit card without having to carry cards, ID, or rancid boob money around in your swimsuit.
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Cosplayers you can't stand

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Come and rant about those cosplayers you just can't stand. Share your experiences.
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Okay, so I have been here for a while and seen my share of posts and what not. But this... This costume, can somebody please give the full story behind this abomination?
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Military Cosplay General /mgc/

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Military Gear Cosplay General /mgc/
>Post Gamescom Edition

This thread is to talk about cosplays involving Gear, to help each other with identification and to improve on ourselves. Please keep strictly military topics to /k/ or strictly airsoft topics to /asp/.

Metal Gear, STALKER, Resident Evil Fan? Or something completely different? Feel free to check out this thread.


Feel free to submit new shops, to improve the experience. I will then update the pastebin.

>Do you work on any gear related cosplays at the moment?
>Have you enjoyed the last thread? Anything I can do to improve it?
>Have you been to Gamescom? Did you enjoy it? What did you wear?

Gamescom was a full blown success!
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Who are the top most followed cosplayers?

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As of right now, Jessica Nigri holds the top Facebook follow count for American cosplayers, and you would Yaya Han would hold 2nd place. However, its Holly Wolf.

Who do you think SHOULD be the most followed cosplayers?
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UK/Britfag thread

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Last thread got archived.

MCM next week, who's ready? Any good C4 progress to look out for?

Also heard that those who had "spare" Amecon spaces from the forms fuck up have now had the spare ones purged so anyone who was promised a space, best to get onto the waiting list asap
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Secret Santa 2016: thread 2

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previous thread >>9255981

Not Santa's Helper, just thought we could use a new thread. Chat with your giftees, and get hype!

>Grinched gift signup and check will be on January 15th, 2017, unless you guys decide otherwise.
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Does anyone know this dude? I've seen him around at cons and his Ace Ventura is spot on!
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Net-Idol/Dance/Odottemita: A-Rank Idols Edition

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Last thread: >>9607921
-Love Live groups and their inability to take crit (aka the norm)
-Whatever the hell Shining Stars and that Minty Pop Remix was
-Nanami using her child for money and views(?)
-Idols that don’t follow the “kawaii” aesthetic

Idol Spreadsheet:
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Uhhh why are all the "lolita" tags on tumblr gone?
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