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Lolita General- Tattoos Edition

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Taobao General - Hackerman Edition

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britfag UK thread write the year off edition

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London MCM Cancelled Birmingham MCM cancelled
Manchester MCM cancelled
Glasgow MCM cancelled
TOKO cancelled
Sunnycon postponed
Ame Postponed
Alcon cancelled (and the gaming events)
Everyone’s getting cancelled!

Save us Hibanacon. Spare us from this mockery of con season.

Hope you guys are all having a splendid year getting fater/weaker and becoming unemployed and generally unmotivated. Woooo what a rush! I’m loving it.
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Ita thread brolita edition

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Good Brolita

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There was a time when brolitas were accepted in the communities as long as they actually participated in the fashion properly. I'd like to start a thread that takes us back to the time before. It was a short time but it was okay for boys to wear dresses just because they wanted to be pretty and not have some agenda behind it. I only have this one guy as an example but if there are others post them as well.
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Larp thread

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New larp thread, apocalypse edition.

Previous thread: >>10331775
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Favorites Thread: No Vendetta Edition

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Last thread >>10416068

Last thread got very derailed, so let's try this again and just ignore the obvious bait this time. Post pics of your favorite lolitas!
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Beautiful Cosplay girls!

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Post your cosplay crushes

> Zero two
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Bikini/ swimsuit cosplays

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