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Actual cosplays for ugly people

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Inspired by the dumpster fire that was that other thread. Post cosplay ideas for people who don't want to show their face - masked characters, alien- or monster-looking characters that use heavy facial prosthetics, characters in closed helmets and so on. Bonus points if the character never removes their mask/helmet/whatever so nobody will expect you to remove yours for photos either.

No furry shit, no "just a pretty girl with animal ears"-style monster girls, no "just a pretty boy in a burglar mask"-style tiny superhero masks. Just actual cosplays for ugly people.

I'll start: Pyramid Head.
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Ita Thread

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Last one >>10566073
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Lolita roomwear

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let's have another roomwear thread

Discussion starters
>what brands do you think make the comfiest roomwear?
>what do you usually wear?
>are you limited in what you can wear as roomwear because of your climate?
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What do you think about kids at cons?
Annoying? Endearing?
Should all cons be 18+?
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What was your worst hotel or roommate experience?

I went to some hick con in shithole Arkansas, where the motel accused our token black friend of trying to steal the continental breakfast. At Momocon, I tried to go back to the room for a nap and found my friend and his wife banging a Toga cosplayer.
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Lolita & male gaze

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I've just learned more about how women are taught from young age to view themselves through male gaze, for example judging our own attractiveness. But many of us think we only wear lolita fashion for ourselves and not for men.
Do you still find aspects in lolita that you view through male gaze? Or is lolita fashion just magically excluded?
I personally recognize the toxic male gaze in me when dressed in normie clothing. I wonder if me wanting to be skinny and having a pretty make up in lolita is part of male gaze.
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Feels Thread

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post feels
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Angelic Pretty General: Japan Gets All the Good Exclusives Edition

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Previous: >>10560094
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New year, new larp thread
SURELY there will be more larps in 2021.

Previous thread
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Indie Brands Honest Reviews

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Last thread went sage >>10540381

Your options and reviews of the various indie brands go here.
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