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Texas Thread: Cons edition

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Alright it's con season we got Ikkicon and Anime Dallas coming in hot. Texas Cosplay Discord: https://discord.gg/mUCEsGr
What are you going as?
Anything you're excited/not excited for?
Any other cons you'll be attending?
what happened last year that you gotta share?

We got more in the 2020 year such as:
Pax South
Anime North Texas
Fandom Legacy
Furry fiesta etc.
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CoF Thread

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Since no one’s dumping for this and other gulls are just arguing over Daily-EGL...
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a wild zapdos appears!
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Crafts Thread

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For everything crafts and DIY related! Thread is for things like felting, resin work, jewelry making etc.
For cosplay crafting, artist alley and handmade Lolita clothing use appropriate threads.

What's everyone making?
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Capsule Wardrobe General

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Since the last thread got pruned, you can post any sample capsules you made here. You are welcome to still make or fill requests, but let’s open up some conversation to hopefully reduce the stupid

>Do you use capsule wardrobes in jfashion
>If so, how big is it?
>Do you use any formulas? >How helpful is capsule going for you?
>If not, do you want one?
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Lolita General - New Year Edition

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Previous: >>10310603
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What do 30+ con attendee's do?

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So I'm in my mid 30's and giving conventions a try again after not going for years and they have really changed. Last time I went, other than A-Kon this year, was in my late 20's and overall con's were a lot smaller.When I went to A-Kon this year I was amazed at how massive it was compared to the last time, which was in 2011. Con's being smaller and being younger made it easier to relate to other fans but now it seems a lot harder.

So what do the older, 30 and over con goers do? I mean going to a room party with kids half my age doesn't sound fun as well as a huge risk. There are panels but are there other events for older con attendee's?
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Bodyline General

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>2020 Lucky Pack Edition!

- New Year Max 90% off sale is extended until January 15th.
- Lucky Packs are still available ranging from 4 items to 130 items.
- New lolita prints out, old ones restocked with new model photos.

>Posts of Note
- New shoe stock is a different manufacturer than the old. Quality may vary. >>10317497
- Mad lad gull spent 30,000¥ on Happy Bag to review >>10317339
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Katsucon 2020

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Another year, another Katsu. Who's going and what costumes are you bringing, if any? What would you recommend seeing/doing at Katsucon?
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Canada Thread - Shogatsu Edition

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Canada Thread. Anyone going to Anime Shogatsu or G-Anime this weekend? any cosplans for AN?