prints that don't exist but you wish they did

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Prints you want to exist but don't. Is there a concept you thirst over but it doesn't exist/what does exist looks ugly? Do you want to claw your eyes out every time AP rerelease Holy Lantern and Misty Sky instead of thinking of something new? Why do you think the print you want doesn't exist?

Example, I'd give my left tit for an AP peanut butter and chocolate print but peanut butter isn't a huge thing over in Japan.
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Contact Lens

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Contact Lenses General? Contact Lenses General.

For those that have ordered from Luxurybabe before, how long did shipping take (and where are you located)?

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Brit Thread
>MCM May prep edition
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Feels Thread

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"Hello x" Edition
>Post seagull feels
>Disregarded bait
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Itabag/Fandom Fashion General

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"I wish character tax didn't exist" Edition

Previous Thread:>>9837392

Reminder: Ignore the troll bait, give constructive criticism instead of insults. Let's get these threads back on track for a change.


Buyf/a/g Guide
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Yet again a larp thread
previous one

And just to start with a random question:
how many different characters you have played so far in larps?
npcs, monsters and shit like that doesn't count
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Local Lolita Community thread

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No new thread in a while- what's your local comm like? I'm a bit frustrated with mine, since our "mods" don't even wear lolita or go to meets (????) and comm members generally show disinterest in every event I try to plan.
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Lolita General - white fabric edition

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Previous thread: >>9853227
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Best and worst fandoms in cosplay

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In your experience what are the best and worst fandoms you experience at a con?
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