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Net-Idol/Odottemita/Cover Groups

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Old Thread: >>9688191

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet (NEW!) -

/cgl/ Resources Spreadsheet (under construction) -

Previously (forgive me if I missed anything important):
-Stellure's Songs still postponed (One Step Ahead has to be reshot)
-Dating Bans
-Idolm@ster 765Pro nostalgia
-The sad, sad return of Flusay Girls with Christmas Song 2.0
-Venus leaving Aurora Idols (and Mimi giving advice no one asked for)
-How to film dance covers/PVs better

Who's ready for Christmas covers?

Featured group: Chubbiness
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progress thread

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show us what you're working on
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Space lolita

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Uchuu-lolita and space themed coords thread, for inspiration!
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Skincare General

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Starting a thread since I couldn't find one.

I'm getting more into skincare recently and I have a question. I bought Secret Key's Snow White Cream and COSRX AHA/BHA Toner. Since the snow white cream contains niacinamide and the COSRX toner has a low pH, is there any problem in using this cream after the toner? Is it better to wait a few minutes or should I use one in the morning and the other at night?
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Ita Thread

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Previous Thread: >>9708447
Your religion is no excuse to wear the fashion like shit.
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Artist Alley Thread: Winter Wonderland Edition

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Last thread: >>9701125

>Please read the FAQ (always updating)
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)

We have a discord channel!
Email with a link to an art site with images of your merch or a picture of your booth for verification to make sure you do cons. (non jury)

Signup horrors and more!
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Aliexpress Thread

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Old Thread: >>9686072

>Read customer reviews
>Items aren't guaranteed to comply with safety standards or quality control
>You won't be able to claim compensation on Aliexpress if products harm you, use your discretion.
>Electronics? Visit >>>/g/ and search for /csg/ and ask your questions there
>Large Order? Check out the Taobao thread

"Is it a good idea to buy this?" guide:
>food, drink
>cosmetics and body care
>sex toys
>medical devices (i.e. Circle lens, humidifier, drugs)
>detergent, cleaner, soaps

Higher Risk
>true piercings such as nose ring, earring
>plates and cutlery
>pots, pans, microwaveable things (heavy metal danger is high)
>plants and seeds (customs will be pissed)
>personal electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, pedometer
>craft chemicals (glue, resins, etc)

Moderate Risk
>normal jewelry such as necklaces, clip on earrings, bracelets
>general electronics like led strings
>towels and personal cloths
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Old Anime Convention Memories

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This is the thread to discuss any and all convention memories or stories you have for past cons that you remember from a long time ago, when cosplaying and going to anime conventions was a small niche.
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Taobao General: 11/11 Aftermath Edition

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Previous thread >>9691520

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide
Please read the FAQ before asking any questions, as most common ones are answered in it!

Buyf/a/g Guide
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