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the prettiest woman in all the land, jang wonyoung
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We need to talk about this
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FAQ: pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt
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Planning to create a libertarian/anti-sjw raw black metal/crustgrind/noisecore project consisting of traps and/or dickgirls and make songs like "sjw hippie soicuck beheaded, raped and pissed on", "Fuck socialism!", "Bash the terf", "Destroy the EU", "Free Kurdistan, ruin Turkey" and "Feminist whores covered in sperm, vomit and shit". Would you go to my show?

/prod/ - music production general

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New to production? Read this before asking a question

GIVE feedback to get feedback.
Post WIP's in; https://instaud.io
or any other anonymous audio online storage website.
DON'T link to Soundcloud or youtube etc, anything that is not anonymous is considered self promotion and will result in bad feedback.

Last thread: >>87888795
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/prognkraut/ #1

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Underrated edition.

Talk about prog and krautrock here.
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Post your music, give feedback at at least 1 person (:
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What does she listen to?
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