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Ideal gf and your favourite album
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happy 3rd birthday to the greatest kpop album ever released
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Listen to 100 gecs more than once.
It took me a while to appreciate them, it's worth it. 100 gecs is the best artist of 2020 imo.
It's a lot to take in at first

/gg/ - guitar and bass general

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ITT: demos that mog the released version of the song

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>not a single meaningful contribution to music
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What do you honestly think of my songwriting

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>some random fuck makes a Caretaker thing but with minecraft music
>it ends up being more enjoyable than the original
what happened?
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Hey guys. Just bought these $300 grand headphones. What album should I listen first?
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Abandoned Ballroom

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Remember that time some kid made RYM users seethe by "ripping off" the Caretaker's shtick (even though the Caretaker's shtick is plagiarism in and of itself?)