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Intelligent Right-Wing Music

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The public image of the right is tainted by loud, stupid neonazi bands. Why call it "white genocide"? Be more elegant about, man! Instead, sing "The light is leaving us all". What is some based but elegant music beside C93?
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ITT: snob filters
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NO DUBBI but..
Let's get one going boys.

dubs=track name
25 or odd trips=album name
75 or even trips=album cover
when album name is got 25/odd trips count for cover and vice versa

10 tracks

If you want your track to be submitted, make sure the link works.
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How was he so good looking despite using shitload of drugs, bad diet and constant stress?
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Recommend some new music to me.
I like baroque era classical, romantic era classical, contemporary classical, minimalism, surf rock, krautrock, disco, reggae post-punk, dream pop, noise rock, shoegaze, black metal, ambient, acid techno, ambient techno, dub techno, dubstep, jungle, drum n bass, UK gatage, IDM, synthpop, synthpunk, and dungeon synth.

Does anyone know what synthesizer could give me this sound?

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Help me out. Also, thoughts on Diet Cig?



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The Dust has settled /mu/... Whats the final verdict on vaporwave?
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Unironically better than anything Nirvana ever did.

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