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I can't remember a worse year for music
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Did your taste in Grunge change, /mu/ ?

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I think this is called growing up, but back then (when it comes to the big 4) for me it was always

Nirvana > Pearl Jam > Soundgarden > Alice in Chains at 15, now at 21 it's Alice in Chains > Soundgarden > Pearl Jam > Nirvana.
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Leave feedback
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ITT: post albums and other people reply with that album’s evil twin.
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4 notes by ear anyone??

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What are the bass notes of this song at 1:33?


Chord before the 4 notes is Am and afterwise it's E.(?) if that helps

Help greatly appreciated as I just want to rebass this song for car audio.

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ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to each other on various websites for music sharing such as Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, and more.

Post a link to your site(s) and other anons follow/share/give feedback.

People who post links and shill themselves after 5-10 posts without participating in any feedback/discussion are unwelcome and should be ignored.
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Howdy, ive been having to lurk at work for the last few days since 4chen blocked my phones IP range from posting, I created pic related the other day (with alot of help from chartanon) and been enjoying the response from meal but i also noticed the criticisms- mainly too much doom (and you're faggots for that but whatever) I didnt make this with a specific theme in mind other than genres i personally like but since its so well recieved i figured I could make another roll chart that is more diverse. With that said let's get down to business:
>What should the 10 genres be on the chart?
I can already tell that Stoner, Trad, and maybe sludge are going to be axed and/or mixed. You're going to have to fight me to remove the Gothic Doom and Funeral Doom but ill go by what the community wants at the end of the day since this doomy chart already exists. As much as i like seeing chartanon fish for albums from meal and getting shit on for it, im going to use my method which is starting off with the top 100 albums from said genre on RYM, and then afterwards ask for replacements, i feel it will be quicker and less flooding this way.

>TLDR: What should the 10 genres be on the chart?
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tourist filter edition
old: >>88604895
faq: pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt
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