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Tears of a Gypsy edition
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>then repetitive bass line
>guitar counter melody
>finally vocals come in

Why is this so common?
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How come trans people make such awesome music?
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New Johnny Rotten Interview

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ITT: draw an album cover in the style of Daniel Johnston
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Black metal is inherently self-harming edition
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Stop crying DSBM/NSBM-dorks sub-edition

Brainlet musicphile thread

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>never listens to the lyrics the first time cause brain can't catch up
>takes 3+ listens to finally start really liking a song
>barely listens to new music because of this slow progress, prefer to just listen to old songs
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Dubs decide which songs I'll send to this girl I'm talking to, will send pictures, as long as you keep getting dubs I'll keep going
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Holy crap! Peter Frampton just OWNED Kim and Kanye!!
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